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Voice SEO. The Newest Option for Digital Marketing

JANUARY 7, 2019

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What I’ll learn from this article: How can we improve our SEO for voice search?.
 Voice SEO, the newest option for digital marketing | Staff Leverage Blog


The way people are looking for information on the web is changing radically at a very fast speed. People are not spending a lot of time sitting at their desktops at home, at work to find out the information they need.

They are doing their search while driving or while using their mobile. They want their questions to be answered quickly and without having to go too deep into the search process to get their desired results.

In addition, figures tell us that over half of search traffic right now is happening via mobile phone. This leads us to a simple question: when you are on the phone what would you rather do when searching for information, type or speak? Well, the answer is hard to quantify, but researchers on the matter have found that 25 percent of that half is using voice search, and the trend seems to be increasing.

You can actually realize that this is true by noticing how often the ones around you and people, in general, are using Siri, Alexa and other voice search devices or just by looking into your search console keyword.

People are doing these kinds of searches, for instance: Siri, I need to get my shoes repaired, where is the nearest shoe repair I can go to. Or Hey, Alexa, what was a final score between England and France in the Euro Cup?

So, we wonder what kind of questions these users need to get answers to. Well, the most relevant questions in voice search are related to who, what, where, when, why and how.

How You Can Optimize your Website for Voice Search

Fortunately, there is a simple technique that could be applied when you want to optimize your website for voice search.

You want to go back to the essential, classic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) spot. Let us analyze the 5 Ws of Voice Search.

Who is related to the idea that the proximity of the searcher matters more than ever. So you need to make sure that those signals the searcher sees are prepared and they show your best foot of what you are offering. It has to do with showing the best side of you to get you more and more appealing to the searcher.

What is related to the content that you have on your website. It does not give much information about who you are but answers effectively the searcher’s questions.

Where refers to place and presence of your business on the web. It is reflected directly on your website or through other links that might get the searcher to end up on your webpage.

When refers to the idea of instant gratification of searchers and the fact that people really want their questions to be answered right in the spot and they want the closest thing and are asking for that within voice search.

Why refers to the idea of creating a website that is going to improve the engagement factor, to drive more of the reached snippets and increase your click-through traffic.

In conclusion, what you want to do in order to optimize your website for voice search is to take those 5 Ws and apply them to a digital strategy, for instance, the FAQs.

Want to get more information and get your website ready for the new voice search trend?

By John Mackenzie – Founder & CEO of Staff Leverage, NT Digital and JohnMac Digital

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