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3 Steps to Sales Conversion

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What I’ll learn from this article: The value of projecting a passionate, trustworthy image. The benefits of being a specialist. How to improve exponentially your chances of striking a good deal.



Credibility is the Ultimate Step to Sales Conversion

Hey guys, this is John Mackenzie. I’ll share with you a lesson about sales, more specifically, how the salesperson projects themselves and how the prospective buyer views them… To summarise it, the chances for conversion are directly tied to the confidence a client has with you.

Establishing a link of trust with your client significantly increases the probability of closing a deal, so here we’ll explain in very simple terms three actions we need to perform to maximise our sales.

Here I present to you the 3 Steps to Sales Conversion:

  1. Be Passionate as Hell
  2. Communicate Specialised Knowledge
  3. Solve the Problem

This is our shopping list for today; let’s now walk through each of the sequential items and see how they influence a sale.

3 Steps To Sales Conversion | Staff Leverage Blog

Real Passion drives Conviction

The seller conveys passion in the way they talk to the buyer about their services, but also in how they can help them – Commitment is apparent when is true.

To begin with, is essential to show your customer just how much you care about them, personally. You must code a positive message into your every word and tone and your body language.

Let’s say you’re a person selling digital marketing solutions to a business…

The communication ought to always remain direct and showing real passion, so much that your prospect could think you’re the most passionate digital marketer that they – the business owner or even the entire company – will ever deal with.

This level of enthusiasm commands confidence in the buying decision and helps to move the maker of said decision towards the best option, without fear of being tricked or betrayed.

Specialists Dominate Sales

Once you’ve convinced your prospect that you’re their best bet, you must stand up to actually meet such expectations. How do you do this? Quite easy, you apply your mastery of the trade.

Combining a charismatic persona with deep specialised knowledge positions the seller as the only real option in the decision-making process.

An expert salesperson holds the skill to communicate more in a simplistic style, translating into a higher likelihood of conversion as the buyer is instilled with the hope that their decision will be rewarded with great outcomes.

The actual underlying benefit of having profound specialist wisdom is three-fold:

  • You become desired.
  • You pose yourself as the sole real choice, knocking the competition out of the discussion.
  • You can command a higher paid price as specialists are better regarded than generalists.

To make an example, think about a specialist doctor versus a general practitioner. Specialists are always more sought after and they’re offered quite bigger wages to boot.

Imagine you’re diagnosed with a very serious heart condition, will you appoint a medical consultation with a cardiologist or with a general physician?

This is really a no brainer. To have only general awareness of a subject limits your potential instead of amplifying it since you’d only be required if there is nobody more prepared around. Naturally, specialists will forever rule supreme in their respective fields of expertise; this applies to every discipline – including business.

Customers Purchase Solutions to their Problems

Lastly but most importantly, we have you solve the issue at hand.

If the prospect can clearly identify you as someone able to resolve their problem, they’ll be open to discussion and negotiations – After all, that’s why they’re buying anything in the first place.

Achieving this involves a completely separate set of techniques dedicated to creating attachment between your product and the client you’re aiming it at.

Simply enough, your purpose here is to deliver on everything your passionate approach and your formal language have been hinting at: That you possess that which the client needs. This is the last chance to clear away any doubt from your prospect’s mind, answer what they’re debating before they ask.

“Can this person help me?”

Show explicitly how your product can improve the lives of your consumers. If you’ve succeeded in the two previous steps, they should have unwavering trust in your intentions and thus they will accept anything you say as true.

This is not to be used for deceiving the buyer, rather, the point is to ease their suspicions of faulty information, allowing them to decide based solely on perceived benefits as opposed to prioritizing insurance in the deal.

A Solid Plan for Closing

If you loop this projection of the 3 Steps to Sales Conversion to the 6 Keys to Sales Conversion, you’ll be armed with a powerful methodology that meets the buyer’s internal requirements, as well as their perceptions of the seller.

Both strategies are reliant on one another. Psychological salesfare won’t work on someone who doesn’t buy into your words, and all the trust in the world won’t make a person purchase something that won’t be of use to them.

As a final note, avoid falling into speech patterns and using sophisticated terminology too often during the sales conversation. Even though you’re following certain pointers to stir the debate in your favour, we don’t want the client thinking that we’re just reciting a premeditated monologue to them.

Combining the Steps and the Keys unlocks massive prospect conversion potential, increasing the conversion rate to as much as 90% of all leads that reach your hands - that’s my guarantee as an experienced advisor for multimillionaire businesses.

Do you inspire enough confidence among your customers? Do you have any tactics of your own to achieve Sales Conversion? Please let me know with your comment and, while you’re at that, I invite you to check out our multiple lessons for attaining success in the current world of business.

By John Mackenzie – Founder & CEO of Staff Leverage, NT Digital and JohnMac Digital

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