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Limiting Beliefs | Staff Leverage Blog featured

Limiting Beliefs

What happens when a salesperson is unsure of their own talent? When they don’t push after an objection? When they don’t spend enough time to understand their leads? What happens is that their deals don’t close and their sales never convert. A stagnant mindset limits your overall performance, this is why we call these mental conditioning Limiting Beliefs.

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Logic in the selling process | Staff Leverage Blog featured

Logic in the selling process

For the longest time, we’ve deluded ourselves into thinking that we’re constantly making very rational purchases, that for the most part, we’re just buying what we need.
But is this true?

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Going through the 6 keys to Sales Conversion | Staff Leverage Blog featured

6 Keys to Sales Conversion

These terms are numbered because they are meant to be applied in sequential order, each idea linking seamlessly into the next creating a cohesive and effective strategy for any attempt at sales conversion.

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Voice SEO, the newest option for digital marketing | Staff Leverage Blog featured

Voice SEO. The Newest Option for Digital Marketing

When you are on the phone what would you rather do when searching for information, type or speak? Well, the answer is hard to quantify, but researchers on the matter have found that 25 percent of that half is using voice search, and the trend seems to be increasing.

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The way for Business Success SEO | Staff Leverage Blog featured

The Sure Way for Business Success, SEO

With SEO you can position your enterprise, business or your projects on top of the results page so people can find them more quickly. Therefore, you are going to be able to get your site to successfully increase web traffic.

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