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3 Steps To Sales Conversion | Staff Leverage Blog featured

3 Steps to Sales Conversion

Establishing a link of trust with your client significantly increases the probability of closing a deal, so here we’ll explain in very simple terms three actions we need to perform to maximise our sales.

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Consequences & Customer's Purchase Decision | Staff Leverage Blog featured


Consequences. This is by nature the last stage of the game. You want your customers to reflect on everything you’ve talked about, weigh the value of investing with you and the way you go about it is by presenting them with the consequences of this decision.

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Pain Threshold | Staff Leverage Blog featured

Pain Threshold

Studies have proven that, when confronted with a decision, people are more prone to choose the option with the lowest risk for pain instead of the one with the highest potential benefit.

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Prospect Conversion | Staff Leverage Blog featured

Prospect Conversion

Your business’ success is directly tied to how much you profit from it, and everything else works in favour of this. You need a product that you can raise revenue from, a marketing strategy to make your product known, a target that would be interested in acquiring your product and – arguably most important – you need someone to sell said product.

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Limiting Beliefs | Staff Leverage Blog featured

Limiting Beliefs

What happens when a salesperson is unsure of their own talent? When they don’t push after an objection? When they don’t spend enough time to understand their leads? What happens is that their deals don’t close and their sales never convert. A stagnant mindset limits your overall performance, this is why we call these mental conditioning Limiting Beliefs.

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