Jan 28, 2018

Australian Opportunities

I see massive opportunity!

But sadly Australia faces a huge economic downturn. Why? (LONG POST ALERT)

To begin with, we will lose 44% of jobs in the Australian Market between now and 2030 and the Federal Treasurer does not know where the new ones will come from.

Australia’s biggest Industry, Finance will get SMASHED. It’s a foregone conclusion. I can think of a dozen uses of BlockChain that will dramatically and irrevocably change the face of Finance forever. Whats happening today? ALL THE BANKS are already investing in it because they know this is coming and they are mitigating their risks. This will see colossal jobs losses.

Law – this won’t fare any better. Already AI is in town and we’ll see massive changes in this in coming years. Many law firms will downsize and change the current legal industry entirely. I see SMART contracts and half a dozen uses in BlockChain, AI and Automation absolutely killing the industry…

Housing – Need I say more than we’re in a massive bubble. Be careful.

Construction – well this will be linked to the housing bubble and automation, in particular, robotics…

Tourism – although we keep praising this for national growth, the issue is our minimum wage standards, which are linked to our high cost of living standards, which is the HIGHEST in the G20. When something is HIGH, basic mathematics and the law of compounding means we will grow faster than anywhere else globally. This means our already high prices will become too expensive for many to travel to our country…. unless of course, we devalue our AUD$, which will have a range of other ramifications.

Retail – Amazon. No more to say.

Agriculture – China. No more to say.

China – this is the intriguing one that I find both interesting and absurd. We want Chinese investment, which is part of the reason for the housing balloon, and of course agricultural and many other industries that are booming as well. Even tourism assets have been getting acquired. BUT nobody considers what often happens when Chinese Business Owners buy assets and in this case Tourism Assets. They are marketed to China, bring Chinese travellers, and then they engage with 90% Chinese only operated businesses… which means Australian businesses often lose out. So the great saving opportunity actually isn’t that at all.

Also, if anybody knows how the Chinese property ownership system works would be concerned, if you don’t, see this link you will soon understand that in 2030 the Chinese Government have the BIGGEST CASH WINDFALL IN THE WORLDS HISTORY COMING. What does that mean? More of the World will be BOUGHT.

For me, although I see the above disruption, I actually see the same balanced opportunity with HUGE POTENTIAL. We live in a world where thinking different will see MASSIVE FORTUNES shift from the OLD MONEY of the WORLD to the NEW. Have no DOUBT that this has already started! Tencent and Alibaba are already in the Top Ten listed Companies in the World! This has taken no time at all… Here is more interesting reading on Silicon Beijing…

The first Trillion dollar companies are racing to the top. Who will it be, Apple, Google (Alphabet), Amazon (which makes a pathetic profit for its PPE/Profit to share price), or will it be Tencent (WeChat) or Alibaba? Only time will tell.

One thing is for SURE, there has been a shift in HOW wealth is created, and sadly, Australia and certainly Darwin has no idea what that is.

For me, I LOVE this shift! The whole world is facing the AGE OF DISRUPTION, and that means opportunities are everywhere… for those that know who to create digital WINS and business Arbitrage anyway!

Graph for disruptive post

Stay Safe and Educate yourself to find the GEMS!

By John Mackenzie – Founder & CEO of Staff Leverage, NT Digital and JohnMac Digital emotional 

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