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Limiting Beliefs

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What I’ll learn from this article: You’ll understand the concept of limiting beliefs, how they affect sales whether they’re held by the customer or the salesperson, and how to dissipate them.

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Limiting Beliefs for a Prospect

Limiting Beliefs for a Salesperson  

“Every person has a collection of beliefs. When they are positive beliefs, they support positive sales outcomes. When the beliefs are negative, they sabotage ideal sales outcomes.” – Dave Kurlan

For a business’ representative to be successful in the current world of sales, an outstanding skillset should be accompanied by the appropriate mindset; the salesperson must walk into every deal with a positive outlook and the conviction to give their client the best experience possible.

The mindset of the salesperson must be goal-oriented, assertive and adaptive. Even more than the quality or price of your product, it’s your own competence as a salesperson which ultimately factors in the satisfaction of your clients – and thus, in your sales conversion.

Infographic shows how business customers value satisfaction where competence of the sales person is the most important factor
According to more than 15,000 business customers, overall satisfaction determined by four major factors depend largely on the salesperson.

So what happens when a salesperson is unsure of their own talent? When they don’t push after an objection? When they don’t spend enough time to understand their leads?

What happens is that their deals don’t close and their sales never convert. A stagnant mindset limits your overall performance, this is why we call these mental conditioning Limiting Beliefs.

Limiting Beliefs for a Prospect

In a similar fashion, a client might carry with themselves burdens of the past, be it a poor buying experience or dissatisfaction with a product like yours, that blocks your ability to convert them.

These are also limiting beliefs and is absolutely necessary that you crush them to unlock a path into that sweet closure of the deal; many sellers just abandon when the prospect holds back, but such practice is not advised.

Dissipate reluctance, establish a solid understanding of the benefits of your product, distinguish your brand. Show how your product won’t disappoint.

It’s always a good idea to explain in clear, factual terms why your offer is the best, but limiting beliefs are, at their core, an emotional barrier. The best course of action is to hold a conversation with your client.

Some pointers here are to board the case with empathy and supportive words but don’t hesitate to call out any faulty thinking that you see as damaging for your client. In the end, people want solutions to their problems, so your priority is giving them just that.

Create an emotional connection with your customers and help them overcome their hang-ups and they’ll become receptive to your services.

Limiting Beliefs for a Salesperson

There are several limiting beliefs common to salespeople, which must be addressed and corrected in order to improve in your career.

You must arm yourself with sales-efficient thoughts and act accordingly:

  • Spend Time Prospecting

The time you invest in generating and nurturing your leads is never wasted, for you’ll always find more opportunities.

  • Take No Objections

If the client objects, your job is to make it a chance for a deeper conversation. Otherwise, you can eliminate the risk of objections by playing it ahead of your customers, counter-arguing to their possible complaints.

  • Don’t Believe In Monetary Limitations

Most reps give up when the client starts to bargain or comment on a lack of money. Instead, create a sense of value and urgency in your customer and help them find the money to do business with you.

  • Hold Off On Presenting A Quote

Spontaneously disclosing the price of your services before the clients are committed is usually detrimental to the sale. Help them decide on your product before providing a quote.

  • Don’t Be Afraid To challenge Your Prospect

Keep the conversation on your terms, show the value of your offer, ask for more, and let your clients know that you’re an expert.

A salesperson must hold a strong sense of individuality and never falter in the face of false myths or negative thoughts. The best salespeople have no restrictive beliefs to hinder them.

By John Mackenzie – Founder & CEO of Staff Leverage, NT Digital and JohnMac Digital

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