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7 Keys to Achieve Success, The Japanese Way

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What I’ll learn from this article: Seven behaviors of the truly disciplined to help you achieve success in the way Japanese people believe it should be achieved.

7 Ways to Achieve Success, The Japanese Way | Staff Leverage Blog


Japan is known to go beyond expectations and their inhabitants excel on every field they are involved, from having the highest number of restaurants with the most Michelin stars in the world to their outstanding - almost science fiction - technological companies. Now, to understand their success we need to study their values and cultural behavior; why is the Asian culture among the most successful ones in the world?

For starters, Japanese people believe that “success” is no more than mere luck if you achieve it before 10 years of constant effort. For a Business or Enterprise to be cataloged as a real success it must be in constant growth and evolution during at least 10 years, where its higher point will be achieved and standard procedures will be consolidated, taking balanced steps in the growth process. You must think, “How can l get that kind of success in my life?” Easy, first, you need to evaluate yourself to know the stronger, most important facets of your character.

At this point, I can suggest 7 Characteristics or Behaviors to help you to bring success to your business and your life!

1. Logic Over Impulse.

We're often told to follow our heart, but Musashi’s teachings suggest this is never a good idea. When faced with a feeling that seems to come from nowhere, following its path can lead to bad decisions. It is advised then that we remain rational stick to what we know for sure, and don’t give way to impulse.

2. Actions Bring Thoughts To Reality.

Many of us find comfort in complaining when things go wrong, However, according to Musashi’s teachings, we should simply let these things pass us by. Dwelling on what is going wrong only prolongs the past’s hold over your life. Thus, plot your plan of action based in achieving solutions and realistic short/medium-term goals, instead of drawing a large tangent with unrealistic non-logic goals. This will help you feel the success at every step and learn as you follow your life’s path.

3. Gratefulness Over Jealousy.

Jealousy is classified as a useless negative emotion linked to our own insecurities, a reflection of our inner emotions and thoughts in “others’ successful lives”. Do you want to be really happy, in balance and experience your goals through learning from someone else's success? All you need to achieve this is looking inside yourself and being grateful for who you are, where you are and in what you have, then learn from your mistakes.

4. Make your Passions Profitable.

While most people focus their vision on what they can’t do in a natural way, we learn from the most ancients and successful cultures to bring your passion and your natural skills into a development process through learning, where you can expand those skills with others and learn to make your hard work not feel hard at all, instead, it’ll be a passion for an entire lifetime; dedicate time to make it profitable.

5. Code Dress Over Style.

The unspoken rule for business clothes is (mostly) to be conservative and clean. Men wear conservative business suits and blend in with the group. Women are encouraged to keep jewelry to a minimum so as not to stand out. It is also considered a sign of respect to others and yourself to always be clean and well presented in all meetings.

6. Goals over Paths.

If you find difficulty achieving a goal on a specific way, all you need is to change or evolve your ways. Never change your goals or dreams, only take another, different path and rise after every mistake or failing, learning how to solve or even avoid the same situations from happening again.

7. Punctuality forges Discipline.

We need to be meticulous about time and give importance to managing time wisely and productively. Follow our own daily schedule, planning tasks and events per day, weeks, months or even years to make sure we accomplish them all within the given time frame. If we follow our schedule strictly, every day, from the smallest to the biggest task, discipline and punctuality will become our second nature; and of course, to the rest of the world we will be showing complete and irrevocable commitment and respect to the success of our own and other’s lives.

Do you know why we have to follow these rules? And how precise and accurate the Nippon nation and its people are? To give you an example, the yearly delay of trains in Japan is, on average, about 7 seconds; every nanosecond counts and they make the most of it. Amazing, isn't it?  Imagine now, if we could have that on a smaller scale in our day-to-day lives.

Need other tips to achieve a balanced, happy success? Find the “Musashi`s 21 Samurai's rules” and apply them to your life vision and projects.

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By John Mackenzie – Founder & CEO of Staff Leverage, NT Digital and JohnMac Digital

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