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Growth hacking: how to get more for less in social media

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What I’ll learn from this article: Tools and techniques that you must try to boost your social media growth in no time without spending tons of money.


Growth Hacking: how to get more for less in social media | Staff Leverage blog

As a startup entrepreneur business growth might sound hard to accomplish, competing against big companies with renown brands could be thrilling as well as frightening. They are already way ahead of you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch up.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Fortunately, these are not the old days, you don’t have to pay big amounts of money to earn your own spot in the business world all thanks to the Internet and social media.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, millions of people surf through those sites every day. Doesn’t that sound tempting? You could have the potential to gain millions of followers and therefore customers. But don’t get cocky yet, you can’t just throw yourself inside a pool without knowing how to swim. The same goes with social media, you can’t expect big results without a plan.

Marketing Strategies are just a side of the coin, they are bound to compensate your investments and efforts in profit. Social media is no exception, to have an action plan is necessary but in this case, spending big amounts of money is not.

There’s always another path, harder to find but with great profit in return and even for less than you think.

If you follow these tips you’ll grow so fast that all your competitors will be shadowed!

How to improve your social media presence  

Growth hacking means to maximize your marketing efforts and produce results as a big brand would. What makes it so special is that you don’t have to sell your soul to achieve it. As a startup this is what you’re looking for, this is the fastest way to build brand equity and leverage it to increase web traffic, leads, and sales.

There are a lot of ways to succeed without spending a dime. I’ll break them down for you taking into consideration the biggest social media platforms by giving you these growth hacks you must add to your Social Media Marketing Strategy:

Use algorithms at your advantage

Social media algorithms evolve constantly to provide a better experience for users. Is your duty as a marketer or business owner to change your strategy accordingly. Otherwise, it will be nearly impossible to make an impact online.

Understanding an algorithm is like having an indecisive couple, it will change its mind and it’ll want you to do different things, constantly. Lucky for us, social media is a bit more communicative.

Big social networking sites often share updates on what exactly their algorithm prioritizes. By being aware of those updates you are making sure your business doesn’t end up forgotten in the depths of social media irrelevant content.

Social networks prioritize real connections between users and making it happen will create a big impact for you. That’s one of the reasons for affiliate marketing sudden growth.

For example, Facebook and its Messenger care more for content that creates meaningful conversations. Youtube wants you to create family friendly content that creates more watch time, and both, Instagram and Twitter want you to be consistent and to have the best timing.
I advise you to check those last links to fully understand social media algorithms.

Now that you know how algorithms work and why they are important you have finally made the first step, by using the algorithms at your advantage your post will be noticed! - Now you only have to know how to post.

Be aware of your audience

Social media success is based on the interactions that your post received. To build a bigger audience is necessary to get likes, comments, shares and mentions, therefore you have to think of the best way to do so.

As explained before social platforms care for real connections between users more than anything else. Knowing your audience, relating and connecting to them is necessary.

That’s the job of a community manager and it’s proven to be an excellent choice for business growth.

No, I’m not telling you to hire one all of the sudden. On the contrary, I’ll show you how to be one - How to manage your own community.

Know your audience demographic

This is the first thing you ought to do before knowing what to post, or do you think you are allowed to promote cigarettes to children?

If you already have an audience the social platform of your choice should have the option to view the gender, age and to verify if they like/follow/subscribe to your page or not. Review it and you’ll have a clearer vision to know what kind of content you should or shouldn’t post.

If you don’t have an audience yet, well, review your product and think on the kind of people that need your product by asking yourself the next question:

‘‘Who would be eager to buy my product and what can I do to make it interesting for them?’’

There are other ways to identify your target market and having that question in mind will give you an easier time when creating content.

Now that you know your target you have an idea of what kind of content interests them, let’s make them a part of your business.

Make your audience participate

Have you ever seen Netflix Facebook page or Twitter profile? No matter the platform people communicate to them not like they were talking to the Netflix CEO, but more like a good friend.

People mention or ask something to Netflix like they were having a friendly conversation and Netflix responds accordingly.

Just look at this tweet

For some, that comment might seem harsh and it would get ignored, but Netflix knows its audience and gives friendly responses or retweets to good, funny and interesting posts that catch its eyes.

And that’s not it, whether is polls, surveys, questions or random comments to engage with your audience, Netflix does it all and that’s what you should do too.

That kind of communication is what you are aiming for, you want your audience to feel like they are a part of your business, and that their opinions and thoughts are important. Make them feel special not just like a random consumer, and they will give a positive response to your call to actions and promotions.

Be swift

The final engaging with your audience growth hack that I’ll give you is the simplest and as well the hardest. Be swift, Phil Swift.

Mr Philip Swift is the inventor and CEO of Flex Seal, a company specialized in adhesive bonding products. He gained his popularity by creating his own fun and interesting promotional videos and uploading them on Youtube.

His videos went viral to the point that everyone was talking about them and making memes. Phil endorsed those memes and promoted them. He even collabed with YouTubers to promote their brand, yes, collabed.

Obviously, affiliated marketing was involved, but he went further than that and made a comedy sketch that worked beautifully, each of his videos has more than 10 million views! Phil’s charisma and funny ideas got him to the top and made him the face of his product, even so, that Phil’s twitter account has more followers than Flex Seal.

If you want to be the promotional face of your product Phil Swift is the role model you need.

Now that you know how social media works and in what way you should go into it you must be eager to start making plans, but wait a bit more! There’s one last growth hack technique that will make everything you’ve learned so far easier to manage and to accomplish:

Use Growth Hacking Tools

It should be obvious to you that a hacker is nothing without his programs.
Growth hacking is no exception, there’s more than one path to achieve your growth hacking goal, therefore there’s more than one tool to help you.

Many of these social media growth hacking tools come with the automation feature that allows minimal task to be carried out easily and smoothly, and the best part is that most of them are free!

Remember to use them the right way, you don’t want them to interrupt your workflow and neither to make you sound like a robot, although robots are cool customers prefers to feel like they were talking to a real person, remember what I taught you a few lines back!

There are plenty of tools for you to choose and you picking the wrong one might even harm your business!

To help you choose I picked the best growth hacking tools that caught my eyes and that will surely boost your business growth:


MailChimp is known for its outstanding email marketing offerings, but if that were all I wouldn't’ be recommending it to you. It also offers Google, Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Along with different types of campaigns for you to choose, MailChimp comes with a drag and drop designer where you can create and customize them to fulfil your exact needs. It also has the option to facilitate Multi-user accounts and editor comments, you are not working alone this app is here for your aide while fitting perfectly into your workflow!

It has many more features that will help you ace your social media growth hacking allowing you to learn and optimize your marketing campaigns all within a single app.

Focused on traffic acquisition and brand visibility, this tool comes with features through which you can influence purchasing decisions. This app collects information from Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms about who, where and what people say about your brand allowing you to find people interested in your products!


Its features go from, customer services and management to finish in marketing campaigns and sales. It’s very handy features in multiple areas made it the all-rounder of growth hacking tools.  

It has a CRM tool 100% free that sorts and manages contracts, appointments and deals with customers, track customer interactions and neatly stores details about all client conversations But if that wasn’t enough for you, you can opt to upgrade to premium and have access to other advanced features!


Crowdfire is renown for its publishing feature. It allows you to schedule your posts and it’ll post them in the social platforms of your choice at the time you decide.

You don’t know what’s the best moment to post?

Well, let Crowdfire decide for you! Its shots never miss its target market

And that’s not it, this app manages and mention features facilitate audience engagement by monitoring competitor followers, find inactive followers and non-followers and track mentions and replies!

Now you are all set!

Choose the one(s) that you like the most for your business, add it the techniques you learned and the growth of your social media profile will be so high that your competitors will be like ‘‘how’s the weather up there’’ when they look at your business!
What’s the tool that works the most for you? Is there anything else you want to add to the list?
Be sure to leave it in the comments so we can share together more growth hacking techniques!

By John Mackenzie – Founder & CEO of Staff Leverage, NT Digital and JohnMac Digital

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