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Facebook Messenger, The future of Marketing

December 1, 2018

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What I’ll learn from this article: The importance and benefits of including Facebook Messenger in your marketing strategies.


I am guessing you have a Facebook page for your business. Don’t we all? Well, if that is the case, you would be thrilled to know that in the past 18 months, since March 2017, Facebook has launched a new way to make your business even more profitable than before, and it is going to change the way we communicate with our customers more effectively. I am talking about Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Okay, so you are wondering why it is so important for your business to have a Facebook Messenger contact list. The answer is that Facebook is one of the most important social media web pages worldwide. The Facebook community is vast. Therefore, you have a great chance to get customers or visitors that could be interested in what you have to offer.

However, Facebook reach has recently decreased. So, now you have to spend loads of money on ads in order to get that traffic back over to your website. Fortunately, there are ways to get to this community on Facebook and get their attention back. One of these ways we are mentioning is through FB Messenger.

How does the Facebook Messenger work?

Facebook Messenger Marketing works in a very simple but powerful way, that is, if you have a business web page, of course. It works alongside Chatbots. The reason for this is that you need your prospective customers to be pushed into a direction for new business or for customer service or to be given the information that they are looking for.

How can I build an FB Messenger?

You can run Facebook ads that go directly to Messenger. So you can operate your business activities through it. Also, you can install a Facebook Chatbot Plugin on your web site. This way your prospective customer will easily notice the Plugin and click on it and start direct and instant communication with you or someone in your business.

The Messenger Platform’s customer Chat Plugin allows you to integrate your Messenger experience directly into your website. This allows your customers to interact with your business anytime with the same personalized, rich-media experience they get in Messenger.

The customer Chat Plugin automatically loads recent chat history between the person and your business, meaning recent interactions with your business on, in the Messenger app, or in the customer Chat Plugin on your website will be visible. This helps create a single experience for your customers and enables you to continue the conversation even after they have left your web page. No need to capture their information to follow up, just use the same conversation in Messenger. These are the two most common ways of building your Facebook Messenger.

The way you set up your Messenger depends upon the type of business that you own. But one thing should be important in the way you build your Messenger, you should have customer service. Your users really want it.

4 Important Benefits of Facebook Messenger Marketing

  1. Facebook Messenger Marketing is the quickest way to communicate with your customers. They do not have to access their email address and check for all the posts that they have received. They only need to answer you and, more often than not, they do this instantly since they are normally using their phones.
  2. It is also private messaging so it leverages one to one communication which is extremely valuable as people want one to one personalized service.
  3. Facebook Messenger has different uses. You can offer coupons, subscriptions and new content using Facebook’s one click opt-in widgets such as chatbots, plugins or send-a-message devices.
  4. It uses the Facebook personal profile. The minute someone messages you on Facebook Messenger, you get access to their public profile. This gives you the chance to find out who they are, where they are from, what they do, what they are interested in and how many friends they have. As a business entity, this gives you a great deal of chances to more personal responses and helps you find new markets.

Above all though, Messenger Marketing allows us to create more meaningful conversations with our prospects and customers. This gives them more confidence, allowing them to Know, Like and Trust us which directly leads to Conversion and Sales. 

Even though Facebook Messenger Marketing can at times seem a little easy, we have found that the greatest results or ROI (Return On Investment) occurs when working with people that know how to create the Perfect Recipe that finds, nurtures and converts more customers…. And in some cases delivering up to to 600% or more Profit ROI on investment of the management and FB Ad expenditure.

Crazy right! The hardest things often are the simple things; and knowing what to do and when to do it…. without missing a step in the recipe, which makes the cake all wrong. It’s funny how missing one key step or critical ingredient can turn a great cake or outcome into a terrible result… just tasting bad.


So? What is next? Where can you go from here? Well, get more information on how to get started with Facebook Messenger Marketing. Click on the link below to begin with your quest for success.

 By John Mackenzie – Founder & CEO of Staff Leverage, NT Digital and JohnMac Digital

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