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7 reasons why a CRM is your ideal partner

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What I’ll learn from this article: This will show you how useful CRM to improve your sales.

7 reasons why a CRM is your ideal partner | Staff Leverage Blog


What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager, and this is a system that let you store your business data, putting the customer first. You can store customer information, data about sales, accounts, everything in one simple place.

This CRM System put an emphasis on the customer. According to this systems strategy, the customer is at the centre of everything you do. So that’s why it stores all the costumer’s data in one place.

This gives you a great number of great things for your business. And here I will give you 7 reasons to why CRM is your ideal partner!

It's in the cloud

This system works with the cloud. By putting all your customer’s data on the cloud, you can be sure that every employee has access to the data without installing complicated software on every computer. This reduces cost and increases productivity.

Every smartphone, every laptop and every tablet on your business can have this data. It is simple and it helps you to watch the data in real time.

Even with all the good thing, this is a kind of double edge sword. The first thing is that, well, your data is out there, the internet, as we know, is not the safest place ever. Even if you spend tons on security, your data is at risk, so have that in your mind. Another thing is the internet connection.

The cloud is a great thing, but you need to know that this is not a perfect system.

It can improve your customer service

By giving all of your employees this data, you can improve your customer service, and this will help you give a quality service. And that happens because, remember, this helps you to record EVERY customer interaction. You know who they are, what they want, and you can even know their addresses. The more you know about them, the more they will think you care about them.

Also, with your employees having all the information, they can, in an efficient manner, answer all their questions and solve all the problems they can have.

You can do business on the go

As I told you before, with CRM you have the data on every system. Well, on your phone, for example, so you can do business everywhere without the restriction of an office. Without this, if you’re not in the office with the software and the data you can’t do anything. This way you, or your employees, can respond to client demand efficiently everywhere because, well, they have access to the data everywhere.

Obviously, this mobile app needs to be intuitive and easy to use. With this, your staff will get drastically more productive.

It helps you improve the customer satisfaction

According to “A mere 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by 25% to 95% and the Act! survey reveals that around 38.5% of the responders believe that a CRM helps them in increasing customer retention.” With the data and the improved customer service, this will happen. Obviously, when you put your customer first and make them feel like you care about them, the customer will be inclined to stay on your service. This generates more profits because the customers stay with you.

Improve your marketing

Think about it. It’s quite simple. If you have the data of the people you want to reach, if you know your customer, obviously you will know the needs and behavior of them. By having all of this, you will be able to identify the correct way to promote your product. You even do promotions at the right time for the right people, this will help you to increase your profit greatly.

Not only will improve your marketing. This will save you money because you know what strategy works best, you can do a marketing campaign that will work without problems, saving you money and time.

Keeping an eye on your team

By having all the data, you will know what and how well are your team doing. Yes, with the sales data you will know how well each sales team is doing. This way you know where is the problem, and what needs to improve. It is incredibly easy to see everything in real time this way. As said before, this will improve your sales.

Not only this. With the data, you can train the salespeople in using the system. This will improve them a lot with less time-consuming training, they just need to know how to work with the system. Remember, your salespeople more often than not are the face of your business, the first line of communication between the customer and your service. So you would like to have a highly efficient people there.

With this information, the last reason why CRM is your best friend is quite obvious.

Sales are easier

As said by, when you have a CRM, sales become drastically easier because you can retain your existing customer by calling them at the right time. CRM is cheaper and faster. It is that helpful.

That’s why a cloud-based system is so useful. Picture this, you need to attend a client’s problem, but you are in an airport, you don’t have the data of the client and you don’t really know who he is. But with this system you can attend the client accordingly, making the person to feel good with your service, that will guarantee another sale in the future, because that client will return.

Even if is a new client, with the data, you should have an idea of what a person wants from your service. Or what tactics work the most with clients to buy your product or your service.

No matter the size, CRM is helpful

CRM will improve your business no matter how said business is. The improves begin with your salespeople and ends with more sales and more profit.

Obviously, as I told you before, there are problems with this system. But is clear that the advantages are greater than the disadvantages and this is system is worth your time and your money.

CRM not only benefits you, remember, customer first. So, obviously, this benefits your clients. They receive better service, custom attention to their needs. A quality product all around for your customers. You can help them, giving them what they need. Always put your customers first and make them happy and your business will grow. With CRM, this is incredibly easier.

Now that you've learned about these tips, share them! And if you would you like us to talk about a specific topic? Then contact us and let us know!

By John Mackenzie – Founder & CEO of Staff Leverage, NT Digital and JohnMac Digital

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