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Are You An Analogue Business? (In Pain…)

June 12, 2018

Are you an analogue business in pain | Staff Leverage Blog

Analogue businesses and their owners mindsets are causing significant failure in the modern world

By choosing to stay rooted to the old ways of client engagement, advertising and marketing they’re failing to realise that their customers have moved on. THEY ALL now have and use technology for EVERYTHING.

If they can not find you, understand you, and trust you, THEY simply won’t buy from you.

At Staff Leverage, we focus on helping you bridge this gap and solving the main issues driving down sales and reducing profits.

We have an incredible Digital Presence Service thanks to our Mobile Responsive Websites that are highly SEO & SEM competitive, with this, we can ensure you are search query rich in content and search words, and ready for the huge opportunities that VOICE Search represents for your company. 

We also understand how to link strong brand communication from social platforms to your website in order to drive traffic and conversion. Our strength is our social media marketing team that can produce an abundance of images and video helping you stand out in the crowd.

At Staff Leverage, we understand your numbers better than any other Agency, giving you peace of mind. We support you with strong Financial Intelligence Tools so that you see your financial position in a live transparent manner and become fully conversant with what is driving your cash position and overall financial wellbeing. In many ways we act as your Virtual CFO and help you make better and more informed decisions.

Finally, we have solutions that allow us to help you to reduce low value operational costs so that you can drive sustainability back into your financial position. Our team are experts in producing reliable results.

Our end to end solution supports our main goal, which is to deliver exceptional business services so that you maximise operational performance and profitability. We pride ourselves on how we move you towards deeper knowledge, insights and how you can increase profits, sustainability and wealth creation.

It’s time to, again become the master of your own destiny.

By John Mackenzie – Founder & CEO of Staff Leverage, NT Digital and JohnMac Digital.

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