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How is affiliate online marketing shaping the future of sales

You might think that affiliate marketing is just another marketing strategy to boost sales because it is, but it’s also true that it’s effective. Every day more companies are choosing affiliate marketing to promote their products and its statistics are just bound to grow over the next years.

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Basic Guide to Identifying Niche Markets for your Brand | Staff Leverage Blog

Basic Guide to Identifying Niche Markets for your Brand

The broader market contains several submarkets, called “niches” where brands could market their product. For example, phones that work under duress conditions (think of water, dirt, heat, humidity, etc.) that are sold to nature lovers and backpackers is a niche market.

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7 Ways To Achieve Success, The Japanese Way | Staff Leverage Blog thmb

7 Keys to Achieve Success, The Japanese Way

For starters, Japanese people believe that “success” is no more than mere luck if you achieve it before 10 years of constant effort. For a Business or Enterprise to be catalogued as a real success it must be in constant growth and evolution during at least 10 years…

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3 Steps To Sales Conversion | Staff Leverage Blog featured

3 Steps to Sales Conversion

Establishing a link of trust with your client significantly increases the probability of closing a deal, so here we’ll explain in very simple terms three actions we need to perform to maximise our sales.

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Consequences & Customer's Purchase Decision | Staff Leverage Blog featured


Consequences. This is by nature the last stage of the game. You want your customers to reflect on everything you’ve talked about, weigh the value of investing with you and the way you go about it is by presenting them with the consequences of this decision.

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