Why is Business Marketing like politics?

Overall the business community isn’t listening to their customers, just like politicians don’t listen to voters.

Well, there is a revolution coming. The politicians are just about to see it – people have had enough of the BS and just want real people that say it as it is.

Business, on the other hand, hasn’t kept up with the Jones. Your customers are all online consuming content and you’re not there and you wonder why business has just gotten tougher!

To be quite honest, if you’re not going to change and catch up get with Modern Merketing Techniques, save yourself the heartache and get out now.

Thruths: Australian Oline Shopping will grow by 9.4% per annum to $26B by 2021, while at the shame time Global Online Shopping will reach $6 Trillion dollars.

Are you getting a fair share of the pie?

Well, as a Business Advisor and Corporate Finance Manager for the last 25 years and after assessing and delivering 1,000’s of Business Reviews and Loans, 90% of traditional businesses are going to fail if they don’t change.


You’re not investing in the new world. You’re not providing what your customers want…

They want to search you, hear you, understand you, hear your why and your story – research and find you… and then they will trust you and buy from you.

So  – business needs to realise failure is just around the corner, it’s just a matter of when.

You need to understand – selling isn’t selling, it’s education and stories – and Australian businesses are miles behind.

The good news is though, you can stand out from the crowd – because your competition sucks at it as well.

What to do?

Invest in your survival – overcome your negative outlook and limiting beliefs and Fight Back Like You Own It.

Transitioning from a pre-digital sales process and living in the analogue world, scared of changing from the old advertising channels that make you feel safe which I might add have already failed, and planning and implementing digital presence  and automation strategies, you can have a crack!

What is your one thing, your core promise, your unfair competitive advantage?

Who are you, why do you matter and what is your story?

Position yourself as the expert and win back your customers and forge new ones, because they want to join your tribe, not just pay price you’re willing to bear.

Apply our Truth Model and set a vision that walks you through the journey so that you can Fight Back and thrive in tough times.

If this sounds like you and it’s something you’ve gotta do, then email us at info@staffleverage.com

Otherwise, if you’re more like a politician and resistant to change, we wish you all the best in the analogue world and hope that you find ways to survive which is like water slipping through quicksand.

Catch ya on the flip side.


John Mackenzie is a Business Advisor, Business Owner, Tech Founder, Recruitment Entrepreneur, Speaker and Thought Leader. Opinions and views are his own.

Stop wasting money on experts and quick fixes

Too many businesses just blindly follow the information and online marketing craze that we are experiencing at the moment. Apparently, everyone’s an expert on something or everything depending on your view.

Everyone’s background leads towards EXPERTISE, but really, that’s like saying everyone can throw a ball.

Everyone can, but some are brilliant because of years of practice leading towards strength (distance) and accuracy, while others are just average at best.

Business owner and managers need to understand what online marketers are doing.

They offer value through a Tripwire so that they trigger a need that you have.

As long this meets your complete needs, that’s great – otherwise be cautious.

I have been to hundreds of live and online events that had the tripwire there for one reason and one reason only, to trigger an upsell.

Then they try to blind you with value and huge apparent discounts, which is all smoke and mirrors to get you to buy now because it’s GREAT value or it’s CHEAP.

In fact, I spent $15K on one Expert in Australia that’s an INDUSTRY leader that dumped me straight after the seminar.

He’s still suckering people today and they LOVE him. For me he’s a charlatan.

I invested about $100K after my time with him because he imprinted a blueprint that led me towards wasting every dollar.

What I learnt was, be careful – know what their end game is.

They are slick, but ask the question – what do I look (when I buy) if I was one of their top 5%-10% of customers. Are they solving your problems or are you solving theirs?

Are they solving your problems or are you solving theirs?

Marketers are trying move you further up the value ladder, the upsell sequence, which is exactly the right way to build a great business and makes perfect business sense.

So as business owner, you need to work out if the value of the tripwire is the best value for you? Or can they truly solve your problems, making it worthwhile investing more in the solution?

What complicates this further is as a business owner you only have so much time.

We are @#&% TIME POOR.

Do you have the time and the motivation to make this magic widget work?

Will this solution be able to be integrated into your business and will the outcome be worth the time and effort?

At the moment you have a 1,000,001 experts put there chasing you with small ideas and scopes of benefit delivering little real help.

Business is about end to end solutions, not plug and play one off’s that take your CAS and wasted your TIME.

With experience as business owner, tech start-up founder, finance manager and Government business advisor of 25 years, although I can’t say that I haven’t see it all, I’ve seen so much crap it begs belief.

Look for the contrarian suppliers/marketers, they’ll be flying against the wind because they know a storm’s coming.

Stop following the fricken herd just because it makes you feel safe, it doesn’t mean that’s where you want to be!

John Mackenzie is a Business Advisor, Business Owner, Tech Founder, Recruitment Entrepreneur, Speaker and Thought Leader. Opinions and views are his own.